Why School of Change?

Do you feel stuck professionally and are unsure as to what's next?

Are you wondering how you can lead a more impactful life? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the many challenges you're trying to juggle?

You've come to the right place. We believe in the power of coaching to change people's lives. We help you sharpen your self-awareness and proactively move forward with confidence. 

Meet our Coaches!

Lise Bruynooghe

A globally acclaimed executive coach, facilitator, trainer, and supervisor for coaches and OD consultants, Lise inspires, radiates positivity, knows how to dance with uncertainty and unravel complexity. An expert on change, she accompanies clients from multiple industries, countries, and cultures across the globe in professional transitions and organisation-wide transformations. Lise is fascinated by what it takes to tilt structures within oneself, relationships, organisations, and society and ultimately cares about building a more inclusive and sustainable world. She is a Professional Certified Coach and serves as President of the Board with the UK Chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

Mathilde Poirieux

Based in Hong Kong since 2010 with her husband and four children, Mathilde enjoys being a coach in vibrant Asia, Mathilde has a wealth of experience with cross-cultural teams, high potential development, and accelerated leadership skills programs. Mathilde provides coaching and coaching supervision to help people take a deep dive into their being, and shine from their strengths. She finds joy in nature, music, family time, and working with others. She is a Professional Certified Coach and served as President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the International Coaching Federation from 2019-2021.

What our clients say

“Your session was a real turning point. Having seen just how many ideas 'exist' among the team and how possible it is to get the brainstorming process started was very empowering!”

Executive Director, SolidariTEE

“Creative, passionate and inclusive. I love how you ensure everyone feels their contribution matters. You go the extra mile, stretch us out of our comfort zones and bring us closer together as a team. We will miss you!”

Managing Director, EBRD

“We can't thank you enough for teaching us Scrum. It enabled us to switch seamlessly to remote working and maintain our operations during the lockdown. An invaluable productivity boost, thank you!”

Co-Founder & co-CEO, Merci So Much

“ Not only have I received accreditation, but also experienced the course’s rich hands-on learning and coaching practice. Super immersive course in all things coaching, transformation, and new ways of working. Recommended to anyone working on transformation initiatives. ”

Director, Design & Transformation, EBRD

“L’enseignement de Lise m’a ouvert les portes de la connaissance de soi et de la transformation! Avec de la régularité, de la discipline mais aussi de la pratique ludique et éclairante, la formation de School of change apporte des clés incontournables pour explorer le coaching sous toutes ses facettes. Je la recommande de tout mon cœur! ”

Director, S&P Global Ratings