Why Coaching?

You yearn for a safe space to reflect on, challenge and refine who you are and want to be(come). This is rarely available in your busy life.

  • Profound and long-lasting impact requires us to look at the whole person, both personal and professional. Do you have the willingness and tenacity to do so?

  • We make the implicit explicit. Together, we heighten your awareness of beliefs that shape your life by looking at systems, structures and underlying patterns within which you operate.

  • You are curious, open to experiment and stretch beyond your comfort zone to explore and embrace ambiguity and uncertainty. Most importantly, you take responsibility for following through on your actions.

Meet Your Coach

Lise Bruynooghe

Master Certified Coach (ICF), Supervisor (EMCC), Mentor Coach (ICF)

A globally acclaimed executive coach, facilitator, trainer, mentor coach and supervisor for coaches and OD consultants, Lise knows how to dance with uncertainty and unravel complexity. An expert on change, she accompanies clients from multiple industries, countries, and cultures across the globe in professional transitions and organisation-wide transformations. Lise is fascinated by what it takes to tilt structures within oneself, relationships, organisations, and society and ultimately cares about building a more inclusive and sustainable world. She serves as President of the Board of the UK Chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

Mathilde Poirieux

Professional Certified Coach and Mentor Coach (ICF)

Based in Hong Kong since 2010 with her husband and four children, Mathilde enjoys being a coach in vibrant Asia, Mathilde has a wealth of experience with cross-cultural teams, high potential development, and accelerated leadership skills programs. Mathilde provides coaching and coaching supervision to help people take a deep dive into their being, and shine from their strengths. She finds joy in nature, music, family time, and working with others. She served as President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the International Coaching Federation from 2019-2021.

Coach in Training

Oftentimes a mixture of mentoring and coaching, this is a cost-effective way to get coaching from coaches-in-training currently enrolled in our School of Change level 1 or 2 coach training while supporting them as they hone their skills. Sessions may be recorded for learning purposes with your payment contributing towards the regular supervision of your coach.

Start living fully today


“Lise is provocative in a very pleasant way and questions the voices that hold you back. She recognised my style and my need to go against conformity - and questioned my authentic self every time I fell into a conform way of thinking. I learned that every time I'm afraid of my own creativity, thinking that I'm taking things too far... I'm actually not going far enough. ”

Nicole Picthall

“Lise’s coaching style is simple and powerful. She helped me observe my behaviours and see how long-term planning could give me an overall sense of direction. As a result of coaching with Lise, I became more focussed on my objectives and better able to prioritise. She helped me figure out what to do next – professionally and in my personal life.”

Josie Murphy

“Lise’s masterful coaching provides a safe place where I can openly and wholeheartedly contemplate and co-create ideas for solving professional and/or life challenges. Her coaching is thought-provoking and mind-tickling as she artfully applies and combines many coaching styles situationally. I recommend a set of sessions, so follow-up and personal accountability can happen which has helped me tremendously. ”

Beate Stumpe

“I am extremely grateful for the experience of being coached by Lise. She is truly amazing and inspiring. And she cares. And she delivers. No matter how difficult the client finds it to formulate their issue. She sees the light and she takes you there. ”

Natalia Moiseenkova

“Lise combines a big heart with an exceptional ability to think. She has high-level business acumen and a down-to-earth sense of the human factor. In coaching situations, she displays both sensitivity and powerful analysis. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.”

Stefanie Gester

“The coaching sessions with Lise have been among my most valuable resources for my first year of C-Level responsibilities. She has particularly helped me to structure my thoughts through a broad range of challenges, to trust my own capabilities and go my own way, as well as to anticipate conflicts and thus be prepared to dissolve them on the spot. I highly recommend her support.”

Anna Pointner, CEO, Voith Composites

“Lise combines a brilliant mind and extraordinary capacity for learning with deeply held values, heartfelt empathy, socio-political awareness, personal honesty, and emotional maturity beyond her years. ”

Zora Boas, Founding Director, boas partners

“Lise is a masterful coach. She helped me see how using coaching type techniques and thinking as part of my leadership style can significantly improve my communication with other people and my effectiveness as a leader.”

“Very thoughtful and insightful coach who will listen and question at the right moment and in the right manner. ”

Laura Ipacs, Lecturer and Board Trustee