Who is it for?

  • Student

    You're fresh out of school/uni and would like to add coaching skills as an additional skill on your CV?

  • Leader

    You're leading people and change and would like to transform how you engage with complex systems?

  • Change Expert

    You're working on org design and development or as agile coach and want impactful change?

What you get

Join an international and diverse group from all over the world - united by a passion for coaching.

  • ICF accredited online training covering all ICF Core Competencies

  • 9 x Coaching Lab: Meet other coaches for peer supervision, coaching practice and ongoing learning and development

  • 9 x Q&A and Practice sessions

  • 3 x 1:1 Mentor Coaching Sessions

  • Written feedback from faculty on 4 coaching sessions

Programme Structure

  • Online Training

    Self-paced online training modules with a mix of readings, videos, and experiential assignments based on the latest insights in adult learning and development. A total of nine modules are released in a monthly rhythm.

  • Coaching Labs

    A monthly 2-hour live online gathering of coaches and change experts. You get 1 hour of peer supervision and 1 hour of continuing education with a mix of topic deep dives, expert interviews, and coaching demonstrations.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

    Coaching needs to be practiced and experienced. We place a huge emphasis on practice with peers and external clients as well as individual reflective practice and mentor coaching.

Online Training Content

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Course Logistics

    3. Meet School of Change

    4. Meet Your Mentor Coaches

    5. Conversation: Introduce Yourself

    6. Book Your Q&A and Practice Sessions

    1. Module Overview

    2. Introduction to Coaching

    3. ICF Core Competency 1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice

    4. Quiz

    5. Assignment #1: History of Coaching

    1. Module Overview

    2. ICF Core Competency 3: Establishes and Maintains Agreements

    3. Bonus: GROW (Sir John Whitmore)

    4. Bonus: multi-layered contracting

    5. Assignment #2: Book Summary Submission

    1. Module Overview

    2. ICF Core Competency 4: Cultivates Trust and Safety

    3. Bonus: Power Dynamics - Drama Triangle

    4. Bonus: Empathy vs Sympathy

    5. Assignment #3: Coaching Demonstration Review

    1. Module Overview

    2. ICF Core Competency 6: Listens Actively

    3. Bonus: Non Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

    4. Bonus: Cognitive Biases (Daniel Kahneman)

    1. Module Overview

    2. ICF Core Competency 7: Evokes Awareness

    3. Bonus: What is Real?

    4. Bonus: Neuroplasticity

  • €3.997,00
  • 47 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

A holistic package

Real-life experience. Community. Support.

  • Matching with External Clients

    Jump into the deep end with a "splash" and start coaching your first external client. This provides you with a "real life" taste of the entire coaching process outside of the classroom.

  • Connect with Alumni & Experts

    Meet Alumni and Experts in the monthly Coaching Labs and learn from wonderful people who are a little further than you on their coaching journey.

  • ACC Exam Preparation Pack

    Prepare for the Accredited Certified Coach with the ICF thanks to our video mini-course on core coaching competencies. Assess your strengths and areas for development with our core competency worksheet.

Embrace Coaching skills for Positive Disruption, today!

What our clients say

“Not only have I received accreditation, but also experienced the course’s rich hands-on learning and coaching practice. Super immersive course in all things coaching, transformation, and new ways of working. Recommended to anyone working on transformation initiatives. ”

Director, Design & Digital, EBRD

“Un regard percant qui presse le devenir de l'autre et le laisse advenir; des questionnaires puissants, sans réponse sur le moment, qui nourissent encore longtemps notre pratique; une conscience de la diversité d'expression qui ouvre la porte à l'expressivité singulière de chacun. ”

French & Drama Teacher

“L’enseignement de Lise m’a ouvert les portes de la connaissance de soi et de la transformation! Avec de la régularité, de la discipline mais aussi de la pratique ludique et éclairante, la formation de School of change apporte des clés incontournables pour explorer le coaching sous toutes ses facettes. En adoptant une vision positive et objective de moi-même, j’ai également fait un bond pour incarner les qualités indispensables de coach. C’est en cela que la formation proposée par Lise est transformante et parfaitement Holistique et je la recommande de tout mon cœur!”

Director, S&P Ratings

“Lise has the rare combination of great professionalism and humanness which manifests itself in very empathic albeit demanding conversations which really make you grow. She masters the whole repertoire of roles as coach, mentor, teacher, role model, neutral listener, and critical questioner and always encouraged me to reflect on my needs to evolve and learn rather than imposing a one size fits all approach. I can't think of better support to embrace and finesse coaching skills. ”

Kathrin Höckel, adventurer and education specialist

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We operate a radical financial inclusion policy with payment plans to suit all circumstances. Contact us to set up a montly payment plan and/or enquire about subsidised places for NGOs/students.